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I am the girl anachronism...

So, I pretty much love Amanda Palmer now.

Do any of you listen to her?

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love...

There is a fine line between love and hate when it comes to some of my friends.
Nobody on here, of course.
For the past six hours or so, I have hung out with two of my friends who are the most emotionally draining people I have ever met.
I love them both individually, but I'm not so sure about the two of them together.

Ashton, I will have to tell you about them because they are awful and wonderful and hilarious and devastating.

On that note, I'm thinking of coming home next weekend (sept. 2,3,4). What do you think?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.

In the Waiting Line

Today was mildly eventful.

Sarah and I went to Bid Day '09.
The buildup was super intense, but the actual event wasn't too exciting.
I did get to see all of my little baby rezzies run to their houses

Then we went to the "historic" Strip and ate with Sarah's sister and a German student.
Where we ran into Lauren and her parents (YAY!!!).

After that, we went to Lauren's awesome single bedroom suite where Tripp, Connor, Megan, Kye, and Chris also showed up.
Then, we took Chris, Lauren, and Tyler (new friend. he's a freshie, and my friend Alex's bf) on a tour of mine and Sarah's rooms.
Then, we walked to Tyler's to see his room.

After that, Tyler, Sarah, and I hung out in my room.
It was super awesome.

Then we went to Plaza Live where Connor's African Drum Circle played.

And it rained...
and my hair fluffied...
and that's about it.

How is everyone's start of school/other things going?

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you're doing and listen.


but seriously...

I have a new guy to crush on, and (mad props to me for this) HE IS NOT ALREADY ONE OF MY FRIENDS!


RA Training '09!

We had a meeting last night, but the real training starts today.
I'm super pumped for team Golden Girls (yes, that's my res hall's team name).
I hope we get t-shirts w/the Golden Girls on them (Bethany, my floor partner, said they got them last year).

Personalized Stuff for Sale

I've decided that I'm going to start selling some items. There are some pictures of my art on this page www.facebook.com/group.php
I'm also trying to get a Blogspot page for it up and running. rahroost.blogspot.com

Mirrors with Marabou Feathers
   10" Octagon-$10
   8x8" Square-$10
   12x12" Square-$11
   7" Round-$6
   10" Round-$8
   12" Round-$9
   14" Round-$12
   20x12" Rectangle-$12
Mirror with Ribbon
   10" Octagon-$10
   8x8" Square-$10
   12x12" Square-$11
   7" Round-$6
   10" Round-$8
   12" Round-$9
   14" Round-$12
   20x12" Rectangle-$12
Piggy Bank
Trinket/Keepsake Box
   with marabou-$6
   without marabou-$5
   Small Wood (5x9")-$6
   Large Wood (9")-$8
Wooden Signs
Wooden Signs w/ Ribbon
Wooden Framed Mirror
Plastic Tote-$10
Lap Desk-$12
Plastic Cup-$4
Unbreakable Polycarbonate Cup (Clear)-$6
   Clear Coffee-$7
   White Coffee- $5
   Beer Mug (Liter)-$8
   Beer Mug (20 oz)-$6
   Shot Glass-$5
   Beer Glass-$5
   Standard Drinking Glass-$4
Popcorn Bowl
   Small (9")-$13
   Large (~13")-$21
Door Hanger-$5
   Small (16x20")-$20
   Medium (18x24")-$27
   Large (24x30")-$38

Like ZOMG a New Post!

just realized that I haven't posted on LJ in over a month.
Blame it on Comcast and their unwillingness to bless my living area with any kind of high speed service.
Stuck with dial up.

  1. I'm starting to feel like a slacker because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one of my friends who is not working this summer.
  2. I miss my UA friends terribly, but I'm glad I get to see my friends from home.
  3. Every time I go to school, I see at least 4 people I know but haven't seen in over a year.
  4. I felt like I was a teacher for the entire month of May b/c I went to school with Mom and essentially graded a ton of papers.
  5. Ohhh...and I'm gonna start selling my artwork. Hopefully that will work out. You can look at it here